Social Reality Tour

Zanzibar is counting with the world’s most beautiful beaches. But there is more beyond the horizon.

For people visting Zanzibar it should be important to get a clue of the real Zanzibarian live and to face up to the local culture – to respect and to appreciate it, not just enjoying the beautiful sides of that little island. Most of the Zanzibarian people have to struggle with their everyday lives – with less than 1 Dollar. ZASO is running a project to support some of those families and – even more important – to build a bridge between visitors of Zanzibar and the local people here.

We want to invite you to join the Social Reality Tour. With a local social worker you will visit a family in a rural district of Stone Town to spend some hours with them to learn about their lives and aims and how they deal with their everyday live they have to face, to share dreams and to exchange ideas. Meeting on an equal level has priority – the goal is not just to talk about their hard lives! You can learn form each other – it is a mutual benefit. Depending on the family you will visit, you will learn how to play a local cardgame, to prepare chapati, to wash cloth with hands or you will learn how they do their handicrafts.

The Social Reality Tour is a non-profit activity for vistors of Zanzibar. The beneficiaries are households who have to take care of children in need like AIDS orphans, disabled children and children with other challenging problems.

If interested in attenting the tour, please contact Masoud via Email: or you can give him a call +255 773066324