About ZASO

ZASO (Zanzibar AIDS Association & Support of Orphans) is a non-profit making NGO and was established in 1995. It was the first NGO in Zanzibar being established solely for HIV /AIDS activities with special emphases to AIDS orphans, but also other vulnerable children are supported by ZASO.

A society in which OVC and AIDS orphans on Zanzibar can live free from stigmatization and without fear of child rights violations.
The children should live a protected live and should be able participate social life without any problems.

To empower AIDS orphans and OVC and their caretakers through material and psychosocial support, home based care services, peer education and economic empowerment through income generating activities.

Our target groups
– HIV infected people and people with AIDS, but also person with difficult life conditions

– in the above-mentioned group our objectives are mainly children and babies

– all people living in communities connected to ZASO’s education programs

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– other organisatons and instituitons with similar aims and interests